Whether you are looking for an eerie underscore that raises the armhair of your viewers for your latest horror movie scene, or you need some hard hitting rock or industrial music to get an audience's blood pumping for that chase sequence, you have come to the right place. You could be looking for a full orchestral section to outline your protagonist's epic journey, or possibly a heart-wrenching dramatic musical piece that brings tears to the theatergoers' eyes and has them looking for a shoulder to cry on. Whatever the mood, surely you are in search of music that has the passion and emotion that you poured into your current production. Whatever it may be, Stark Morrison puts the same passion into his musical compositions. Stark specializes in Television, Video Game, and Film scores of a dark, edgy, epic, dramatic, moody, and emotional nature. His influences range from Hard Rock/Metal, Electronic, Ambient, Blues, and singer/songwriter to full Orchestral Arrangements. Check out our Licensing Section for songs available for licensing. Maybe you like our style but you can't find the song that fits just right; we also do custom songs and scores that we sequence directly to your scene and specifications. Whatever you need, Contact us and let us know how we can provide the perfect soundtrack for your upcoming production. 

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